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About Chewigem

At Chewigem we see a world where sensory seekers are accepted and embraced. Our vision of inclusion allows those using discreet sensory tools to become fully immersed in the world while dissolving the differences that currently exist.

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Explore the online sensory store. Each of our products is rigorously tested and vetted by both experts and real customers.  Only the best of the best make it to the store – so the highest quality is guaranteed.


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Our vision

We are a supportive, worldwide community of like-minded people who offer value, experience, trust and encouragement.  A community that feels like you belong …

We believe that living with a SPD diagnosis does not mean living in isolation or alienation and we recognise this is not always easy!

Our goal here at Chewigem is to support.  Spread the word that change is coming and being different is exceptional.

Our products

The road to Chewigem begin in 2010, when our sister company launched as a mum/baby product line. We quickly realised the value of offering our discreet products to those in the sensory world that had a need to chew. As parents to kids that have multiple diagnoses, offering products that were fun (yet functional), safe and discreet were of utmost importance to us. We now have 12 years of experience, designing, adapting and creating a range of chewing, fidget and sensory aids for children, teens, and adults.  We strive to offer products that can benefit most every type of chewer and we continue to work on developing further innovative solutions. Being a global company, we have served hundreds of thousands of people with a need to chew and continue to expand our offerings into other countries.  Our global team is made up of people who have a personal connection to the SPD world, whether as a family member, educator or clinical practitioner.

Here at Chewigem, we believe that selling products is just one piece of the sensory solution. Our membership-based community allows us to connect like-minded individuals for support, educational content and field expert interviews, thereby providing a more comprehensive approach for the need to chew.

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