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Wholesale & Schools

Who can have a trade account?

Anyone who has a bricks and mortar store or an ecommerce website can open a wholesale account with us.

We also take Purchase Orders from Schools and NHS so please enquire today!

Book a Product Demonstration today

Why not arrange a product demonstration with Pippa who can talk you through the range and show you what we have to offer….

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Wholesale or Professional Information

  • Get full details about our Trade & Professional Partnerships

So you want to sell our products?

To really understand the benefits and varied uses for each of our products and support you to get the best out of investing in our range.

Here at Chewigem, we believe that selling products is just one piece of the sensory solution. Our membership-based community allows us to connect like-minded individuals for support, educational content and field expert interviews, thereby providing a more comprehensive approach for the need to chew.