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Chewigem Bangles

Wave Sensory Chew Bangle

Feel waves of calm wash over you with our soothing wave bangle that feels almost like velvet to touch. A tactile seekers dream.

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Twister Sensory Chew Bangle

Featherweight chewable fidget stim bangle.

The chewable, stimmable Twister Bangles are popular with children and adults due to their versatility and discretion. With ridged texture and real flexibility, plus a satisfying bounce. The feedback from these bangles is incredible.

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Infant Sensory Chew Bangle

I am small but powerful.

The Infant Sensory Chew Bangle was created to help children 4 and under begin developing positive sensory habits.

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The Bonnie Sensory Bangle

Meet Bonnie. Shhh! She has a secret identity.

Imagine your jewellery could give you sensory superpowers. Well friends, imagine no more!

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Bermuda Sensory Chew Bangle

Super glossy. Super bling. Super Sensory.

Express your style, make a statement and satisfy your senses.

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Tread Sensory Chew Bangle

The Grown-up Sensory Accessory

Enough style to wear everyday, enough satisfying stimmy-ness to rule your day.

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Sensory Flip Bangle and Communication Aid

It looks like a charity bangle but has secret messaging abilities and is about as satisfying as sensory gets.

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