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Chewigem Fidgets & Tactile

Toy Remote Sensory Chew

Remote control Destruction cases down by 99% with the chewable Toy Remote.

Ok, we just made that statistic up! But, this super stimmy Remote is a crafty replica of the real thing & is perfect for building better stimming habits.

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Pencil Covers Sensory Chew

Pimp up your pencil!

The best ideas are born after a good pencil chew. These have been specially designed to avoid writing fatigue.

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Pocket Sized Hand Fidget & Sensory Chew

Fidget spinners step aside… this one is sensory safe!

A pocket sized secret weapon to meet your stimming, twiddling and chewing needs.

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Hexichew Sensory Chew & Fidget

Never compromise. Sometimes only big and bold will do!

The bright, bold multi-textured chewable sensory hand fidget is a powerful companion when you need a Sensory stim.

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Crown Sensory Chews

The Crown Jewels of Sensory Fidgets.

It’s like your most satisfying stress ball was made for chewing.

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Chubes Multifunctional Sensory Chews

Give your stuff an essential sensory upgrade.

Use Chubes as a necklace pendant or to upgrade your favourite things.

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Chewi-Moji Chewable Sensory Communicator

Actions are more powerful than words.

When words cannot express how you are feeling the Chewi-Moji will speak up at your command.

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Pencil Case Set Sensory Chews

Silent sensory popping power!

This undercover Sensory Fidget Pencil Case is packed with super satisfying pop-surface. Perfect for sitting subtly on your desk at work or school.

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Original Sensory Chew Toy Bag

The Original Sensory Toy Bag.

Full of stimable goodies that make this perfect for anyone who’d rather not wear sensory jewellery.

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Sensory Bath Bag

Splish splash, I was taking a sensory bath.

With super-easy wall hanging storage hooks your sensory essentials are now even with you, even in the bath.

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