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Chewigem Pendants

Chubes Multifunctional Sensory Pendant

Use Chubes as a necklace pendant or to upgrade your favourite things.

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Skull Pendant Sensory Chew

Make no bones, the sensory skulls rocks!

Specially formulated food-grade silicone is super safe. But, who cares when it looks this cool.

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Realm Ring Pendant Sensory Chew

Simple. Elegant. Powerful.

The feeling of resistance as the ring folds in on itself and fights to regain its shape lets you know, this is a serious fidget.

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Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew

“Where did you get your pendant?”

Perhaps the most discrete sensory necklace ever! We won’t tell if you don’t.

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Geotag Pendant Sensory Chew

Tag, your it!

Inspired by gamers and adventures looking for a sensory edge to get their teeth into.

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Button Sensory Chew Pendant

Jaw dropping strength for champion chompers.

For when you really need to get your teeth into something.

The Button Pendant is seriously strong.

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Eternity Pendant Sensory Chew

As smooth as velvet!

The luxurious soothing surface is specially formulated to be the world’s most elegant & refined sensory jewellery.

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Dog Tags Pendant Sensory Chew

The lightweight chewable sensory fidget that’s always ready to deploy.

Super springy bounce back and discrete design make the Dog Tags perfect for everyday sensory stimulation.

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Cat Pendant Sensory Chew

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?

The lightweight sensory Cat Pendant necklace has joyful multi-sensory tactile surfaces ready to explore

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Jazz Pendant Sensory Chew

Jazz is not about rules, it’s about flow!

The Jazz Pendant is our celebration of diverse sensory habits. Adaptable for most habit redirecting with robust funky styles.

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Zen Stones Necklace Sensory Chew

Silence!.. it’s Zen time!

Improve focus and mindfulness with the subtle stippled textures of the Zen pendant.

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Flip Pendant Sensory Chew

Chewable, flippable spinning pendant necklace.

Specially formulated food grade silicone is super safe. But, who cares when it looks this cool.

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Board Pendant Sensory Chew

Thumb sucking just got an upgrade.

The ergonomically designed pendant for when you’re ready to try something other than fingers & thumbs.

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Berries Weighted Sensory Necklace

A chunky sensory statement.

The strong, textured, and customisable sensory statement necklace.

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Nurture Pendant Sensory Chew

Weighted grounding sensory pendant.

A robust heavy feeling which is enjoyed by many who require the sensation of something weighted.

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Miller Heart Sensory Chew Pendant

The chunky, funky, super gloss finish makes this chewable pendant great for a robust chomp

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Gem Pendant Sensory Chew

Heavy duty chewables disguised as bold statement jewelery.

Nothing matches the strength and satisfaction from a glossy Gem Pendant.

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A Star is Reborn!

An old classic reborn.

With a soft matt finish and smooth texture, the star was an original hit, and it is back.

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Tough and chunky, your new favourite accessory.

Chunky and super durable sensory bangle.  Made to brighten your day. The Chewigem Chunk Pendant Chew

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