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Find your perfect Chewigem

Find your perfect Chewigem

There are lots of things to consider when choosing your Chewigem, this simple chart may help.


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Chewing is an amazing way to help calm and regulate our sensory systems. Not only does chewing help us to remain calm and focused but it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Chewing can also be fun and choosing your first or next Chewigem can be very exciting.

But how do you know which one to get?

It’s always worth chatting to a member of the Chewigem team for help and advice on finding the right product for you.

We will ask you questions to try and determine what type of chewer you are and therefore which product we think is the best match to your chewing style.

What Kind Of Things Do You Chew Now?

This is an important question as it helps us to find a Chewigem in a similar shape, style, texture, strength, and flexibility. If you like to chew hard plastic then it makes sense to chose a Chewigem that is hard without a lot of flexibility. If you chew fabric you may need something softer with more flexibility.

Are You A Mouther Or Sucker?

If you mouth or suck rather than chew then a softer more flexible chew would work best. Chewigems like the Dogtags and Board Pendants are great for this.

Do You Destroy The Things You Chew?

Some people chew softly and gently and never destroy what they are chewing. However, some people are strong and aggressive chewers and they seem to chew through everything. Knowing this helps us to work out the strength of Chewigem someone needs.

Our range has some soft and flexible chews right through to robust and rigid chews. If someone destroys what they chew then they are more likely to find the stronger tougher chews work better for them.

Where Do You Chew?

Knowing which part of your mouth you chew with can be very helpful when choosing your Chewigem. If you tend to chew with your molars you will need a shape that will reach the back of your mouth.

Some people like to chew with their whole mouth so need a Chewigem that won’t make them gag. Then there are people who chew with their front teeth and some of those people are nibblers. Nibblers are particularly difficult to find the right Chewigem for but if we know you’re a nibbler upfront it makes the process much easier.

How Old Is The Chewer?

Knowing how old a chewer is can be very helpful when it comes to narrowing down your chew choices. If someone is under 3 then we would always recommend a toy or a bangle.

If we are helping an adult then we can look at the correct size bangles for them or something that is suitable for their workplace. If it’s a schoolchild we may need to look at a Chewigem that blends in with their school uniform.

TMJ & Teeth Grinding

Some chewers may have jaws problems like TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) which can cause pain and dysfunction around the jaw. This can mean that our stronger chews might not be suitable when your jaw is sore. It can be a good idea to have a soft, flexible chew on hand for days when your jaw is hurting. The Twister is fantastic for these days.


It can be very tempting to buy cheaper alternate chews online as there are so many readily available. But this is something we do not advise. You can ask our customers and they will tell you that they spent more on cheap chews that don’t last than finding the right Chewigem through us. And as ever if you need any help we are more than happy to advise, just get in touch!