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We are pretty proud of our guarantee , in fact we know its the best out there and we are always happy to help you find the right Chewigem.

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To access the Chewigem Originals 3-Point Guarantee you need to chat to us first using any of the links below. During our chat we will ask some questions about your chewing to work out which of our products are the best for you. From there we will recommend the product we think will work best and if you go ahead and buy that product it will be covered by our amazing guarantee.

We don’t rest until you have what suits you best

Chewigem Originals 3-Point Guarantee means we understand that buying from an online company for the first time can make people feel uneasy. You may be wondering, “ Is this company real with real humans?”, or “Will my order be sent?”, “Will the products be any good?”. Or perhaps you’ve bought this type of product before from another brand and been left disappointed.

Trust is one of our core values and we always put YOU, the customer at the heart of what we do. We are so confident that you will LOVE our products, and that you will feel listened to and valued as a customer, that we stand firmly behind our 3-point guarantee and our promise to you.

We promise:

Chewigem Originals 3-Point Guarantee

  • If you break it, we will replace it for free*.
  • If the product does not work for you, we will source and pay for a better alternative product at no cost to you (and that includes products from other brands, if we do not have a suitable product for you!).
  • If you have been disappointed by a chewing product from another brand, we will send you one of ours to try for 1/2 price*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

This guarantee is us putting our money where our mouth is!

We are confident in both our products and in our deep experience in finding the right Chewigem for our customers. We are so happy to welcome you as a Chewigem customer and celebrate the opportunity for you to find the solution you have been looking for!

Don’t forget to activate your guarantee once you have purchased it.

"I discovered Chewigem a few years ago and my daughter was getting through things really fast, I was disheartened by it because they aren’t ‘cheap’. Well, it turns out we were using the wrong chew for her strength. We have 3 new chews from Chewigem and a plan to alternate the chews to see if they last longer. There has never been an issue with a replacement for something that has been recommended and chewed through quickly. Customer service at Chewigem is outstanding., if you have chewing issues I absolutely recommend their products. Make sure you ask questions and chose what ‘should’ be right for your chewer. There are so many products to chose from but getting it wrong may leave you feeling like I did before the help. The service we have received is enough to keep me buying the brand, price is definitely reflected in the service."

- Wishes to remain anonymous

We're here to support you. Please get in touch with any questions

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Terms and conditions

  1. This guarantee applies to Chewigem Originals only, and only if you have chatted to one of our experts and bought the product recommend by them.
  2. The product you were advised upon must have lasted for less than 4 weeks from the date of arrival (if you are buying as a gift or to be used in the future please mention this during your chat to find the right product).
  3. You agree to provide our experts with as much information on chewing habits and your experience to aid us in advising and selecting the best replacement product to send.
  4. We reserve the right not to replace or source an alternative product from elsewhere on the exceptionally rare occasion that a suitable alternative does not exist. Please note that this has only happened a dozen times in the last ten years and we have sold well more than a million products!
  5. You must read and follow the guidance in the ‘Caring For Your Chewigem’ download, found in your order confirmation email.
  6. To receive a free Chewigem replacement, you must email us on hello@chewigem.co.uk to discuss your chewing needs with one of our experts. This must include photos of the damaged Cheiwgem.
  7. You must post the damaged item to us at your own cost, so we can review it for damage and assess the best Chewigem to send.
  8. Guarantee is applicable to products prices at RRP of 14.95 (if there is a sale the original price is what counts) and above. Chewigem Chewipals are excluded from the guarantee.
  9. If you have experience with Chewigem and have already identified a product that works for you, but then decide to trial an alternative, this trial is not covered by the guarantee as you have already found the right product.