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Bermuda Sensory Chew Bangle

Super glossy. Super bling. Super Sensory.

Express your style, make a statement and satisfy your senses.

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The Adult Bermuda Hidden Superpowers

Picture yourself heading out with friends, this bangle in a range of colours to match your outfit and be either a statement piece in its own right or help your outfit pop!

Finding the noise and bustle of the restaurant a bit overwhelming? Your Bermuda Bangle is on hand to squeeze and rub under the table, or twiddle on your wrist, allowing you to self-regulate and calm. 

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93% of customers say their Chewigem helps them feel calmer & more focused

Strong with a nice bounce-back for satisfying oral input

Perfect for those who cannot tolerate wearing something around their neck

Stylish and wearable – match to your wardrobe

Improve Focus

Reduce Anxiety

Chewigem Original

“It blends in with loads of outfits and most people wouldn’t realise that it is a ‘chew tool’.”

-- 2020 Customer Survey Response

Ergonomically Designed

With Sensory Processing In Mind.

For ten years Chewigem has produced world-leading designs that make no compromise between form and function.

Hundreds of thousands of happy Sensory Seekers around the globe are discovering that life-changing results are possible with the right mix of education, product function, and well-thought-through design.

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