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Jazz Pendant Sensory Chew

Jazz is not about rules, it's about flow!

The Jazz Pendant is our celebration of diverse sensory habits.  Adaptable for most habit redirecting with robust funky styles.

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Jazz Pendant Sensory Chew Hidden Superpowers

A firm favourite with thumb suckers, nail biters, and hand chewers, you too can change those habits by using the super discreet and practical Jazz pendant.

Imagine heading to a party or into the office, no one would think anything of the simple pendant hanging around your neck, but your journey there was busy and noisy, you arrive feeling on the edge wondering how you are going to get through the next few hours. Simply feeling the pendants glossy smooth texture between your thumb and finger, sends waves of calm from top to toe, but you also know if needed you can nibble on it, giving you stronger sensory input. Now you can relax and enjoy the evening. 

Breaking a habit is hard, it takes time, perseverance, and consistency, but you can join the thousands who no longer have sore, broken skin or destroyed sleeves by redirecting your chewing to the Jazz pendant. Its large hole that the cord goes through is perfect for putting your thumb in, reminding you every time you raise your hand to your mouth to go for the Jazz, not the skin.

  • Super, soothing, smooth glossy finish for satisfying sensory feel
  • Successfully helped hand chewers, thumb-suckers, and sleeve biters
  • Discreet design
  • Can be used as a pendant or a handheld

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93% of customers say their Chewigem helps them feel calmer & more focused

Great for re-directing thumb sucking

Satisfying Smooth Texture

Stylish and wearable – match to your wardrobe

Improve Focus

Reduce Anxiety

Chewigem Original

Ergonomically Designed

With Sensory Processing In Mind.

For ten years Chewigem has produced world leading designs that make no compromise between form and function.

Hundreds of thousands of happy Sensory Seekers around the globe are discovering that life changing results are possible with right mix of education, product function and well-thought-through design.

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