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Sensory Bath Bag

Splish splash, I was taking a sensory bath.

With super-easy wall hanging storage hooks your sensory essentials are now even with you, even in the bath.

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Sensory Bath Bag Hidden Superpowers

The Bath bag is an all-round tactile, fidget and chew aid perfect for the home. Plus helps develop gross motor skills and proprioception.

Obviously popular kids, and adults that can still admit to enjoying a bath toy or two.

Yes, you can use it in the bath, the title kind of gives that away, and it makes a different kind of bath toy as the items are solid and so sink, rather than float. But each item has differing textures and flexibility providing a range of sensory input for you to enjoy.

  • Bright eye-catching colours for visual stimulation
  • Practice gross motor skills with placing items in and out of the bag
  • Use the bag as a bucket and enjoy the sensory sound of the water draining from the holes in the base
  • Adapt any of the 4 items to a wearable by adding a cord as each has a slit that can be used to thread the cord onto
  • Use any of the items individually as portable stress aids and enjoy their texture and squeezability. 

76% of people say Chewigem helps them control meltdowns

The possibilities to make games with this bag are endless, from proprioception activities that help you improve your spatial awareness by letting the items sink to the bottom of the bath and reaching to retrieve them, to filling and pouring water from the bag. The only limitation is your imagination. 

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